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MEMSA is an engineering company founded by a Majorcan industrial engineer D. Ramón Barceló Oliver in 1965 and over time has established itself as one of the most important family companies in the electricity sector in the Balearic Island. Throughout the years, the company has adapted to the new market demands while maintaining its traditions and family essence.

The company has a very qualified team, which offers a personalized service and a long commitment to establish direct communication channels; that way they facilitate a fruitful and lasting relationship with the customer. It is crucial to know the needs of customers and satisfying them with professionalism and a complete service.

MEMSA’s offices are located in Son Castelló, industrial reference area in the Balearic Islands. There has a mechanical workshop of more than 500m² and a warehouse equipped with spare parts and a high quality technical equipment that allows to build and repair parts in the own facilities.

That is why MEMSA is a leader in the field of engineering. The team, the facilities and the high demand has put the company in a privileged position in the market. MEMSA offers 24/7 service and cover the whole island.

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